About Us

The File Academy Online Learning Center develops on-demand online courses covering online/cyber safety for teenagers, individuals, and business that are available 24-7 on any internet connected devices. In addition, we also offer online prep courses for high school exit and college entrance exams. You may see our full catalog of courses at FileAcademy.org.

The File Academy’s principle officers are all current or former teachers in the public education field and are very aware of the online dangers faced by today’s teenagers. Thus, they have designed and developed CyberBullyBusters┬áto assist parents, schools, and employers to combat many of these dangers such as Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking, Internet Trolls, and Sex Traffickers that use the internet to prey on our children.

For a more comprehensive online safety training for your child or student enroll in our unique Online Safety & Digital Citizenship course.


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